Laurie McKendry for Minnesota State Senate

Senate District 48 serving Eden Prairie and
Southern Minnetonka


  • Laurie McKendry
We’ve come through the 2012 election and have had some time to recharge. Nationally, we saw the lowest turnout in 72 years. I door knocked with both Yvonne and Joan. I’m thankful Yvonne pulled through. And, am glad Joan will be running again in 2016.

My campaign volunteers and I have been working toward 2016 since the day after the election in 2012. And, we’re ramping up our activities. We’re fundraising to meet the maximum for this two-year cycle, and will continue this with the new two-year cycle that starts in January. I continue to be active in both Minnetonka and Eden Prairie and as a member of the AM Rotary Board.

But, as we move into the more active phase of our campaign, no matter how much we do, we can’t do it alone. It takes support from everyone to get done what needs to be done during a Senate District-wide campaign.

As the weather warms, I’ll begin door knocking again. My goal is to door knock the district at least twice before the election in November of 2016. When I come to your door, please let me know your thoughts.

After this past election, I’m hearing the media talking about the trend I noticed last year: with the ineffectiveness of the U.S. Congress, more issues that have been considered federal issues are coming down to State Legislatures. So, it’s more important than ever who is elected to be your state legislators. Who do you want making decisions on student loan debt? legalization of marijuana? immigration? water rights? And so much more…

I’ll be starting to door knock in late winter/early spring of next year and will continue until Election Day of 2016. I plan on door knocking the full Senate District at least twice. I hope you’ll join me and my campaign team as we begin building our efforts for the 2016. It’ll be a great journey. Join us on what I believe will be a historical journey for our district!

MPR Interview

Hillary ClintonThis week, Tom Scheck with MPR interviewed me as part of an article and report he did on DFL leaders’ thoughts on the Clinton campaign’s impact on the 2016 election.

You can read the post or listen to the audio here.

Plaque from the City of Minnetonka

Earlier this month (2/15), Minnetonka Mayor Terry Schneider presented me with a plaque for my service on the City’s Economic Development Advisory Commission:

McKendry Plaque 2

Women Leaders

Here’s a great photo of the group of women leaders attending this weekend’s (2/20-22/15) WiLL/WAND Training:

WiLL-WAND Conference

Minnesota Women’s Consortium 35th Anniversary

MWC 35 AnniversaryOn January 22, 2015, I attended the Minnesota Women’s Consortium’s 35th anniversary celebration in St. Paul.

Here’s a photo from that evening.  From left to right:  Ramsey County Commissioner MaryHo McGuire, Senator Chris Eaton, me, Senator Sandy Pappas, Senator Ann Rest and Representative Connie Barnardy.

December Meet and Greet

Appreciate the opportunity to talk with folks at a late-December meet and greet in St. Paul:

Glad to Spend Time with Sarah and Taylor

McKendry FamilyThis week, my adult children Taylor and Sarah were able to spend some time with me. It was great to have them here.

At CD3’s Night to Celebrate



Am at the American Legion in Osseo this evening at the CD3 DFL’s Night to Celebrate. Great time.

Here I am with Stefan Peterson, Shanti Shah, Cheryl Poling and Rep. Selcer







Speaker Paul Thissen was also at tonight’s gathering. It was good to have a chance to talk with him.

2014 CD3 Hopkins Office GOTV Kick Off

We’ve opened a great facility in Hopkins to help our candidates this cycle. The office’s grand opening, or kick off was great fun with great energy.

Sen. Klobuchar spoke at the office opening

Sen. Klobuchar spoke at the office opening

McKendry GOTV Kick Off

2014 Award of Excellence for Community Service

I was honored to receive the 2014 Award of Excellence for Community Service from the Rotary Club May 2, 2014:

14-05 McKendry Rotary Award-1

March, 2014 Otto Fundraiser

Thanks to Ben and Shelly Kyriagis for inviting me to be part of their fundraiser for State Auditor Rebecca Otto.

Laurie with State Auditor Rebecca Otto

Laurie with State Auditor Rebecca Otto


2014-McKendry-Kyriagis, Shelly

Laurie with Shelly Kyriagis

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