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Laurie McKendry for Minnesota State Senate

Senate District 48 serving Eden Prairie and Southern Minnetonka


Warmer weather is here!  This past year, I’ve continued my work on the Economic Development Advisory Commission (EDAC)  for the City of Minnetonka, and on the Board of of Eden Prairie’s AM Rotary as the Director of Service Projects.  I will continue to serve on these two committees into 2015, and possibly beyond.

I enjoy my work with both of these organizations and have met so many inspiring people by being so engaged in our district!

What I love most about my work here is getting to know people on a personal level, no matter what their political affiliation.  This gives me and the other person a chance to put politics aside and see one another without labels.  I have found that most of us have more in common than differences.

Besides my work in the community, I am also actively working on my campaign for 2016.  One of my goals for 2014 is to let everyone know about the Political Campaign Refund (PCR).  This program lets everyone have a voice in who gets elected by contributing to your candidate of choice, and it won’t cost you a dime!  Click on Contribute for more information.

It has never been more important to elect State Senators and Representatives on the local level.  All you have to do is look at the gridlock in Washington and what has been passed down to the state level for decisions.  Last year Minnesota’s legislators decided key laws for you and me:

  • immigration
  • marriage equality
  • voters’ rights
  • affordable healthcare exchange, and
  • environmental issues.

I look forward to us meeting in person.

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